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Free Damage Inspection
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Is it Time to Get Your Own Claims Adjuster?

Are you getting the runaround from your insurance company or confused by the claims process? It may be time to get your own insurance claims adjuster involved. Below are a few signs that the time has come.

  • The damage to your McAllen home or business is extensive – Minor insurance claims tend to be relatively straightforward. However, major damage makes the claims process dramatically more complicated. The more damage sustained, the more likely it is for something to be overlooked or underestimated.


  • The language of your insurance policy and claim forms doesn't make sense to you – Insurance policies and forms are loaded with legalese, making these important documents difficult for the average policyholder to interpret and understand. Not only could you make costly mistakes due to misunderstanding the instructions, failure to fill out forms properly or on time could lead to delays or denials.
  • The value of the claim is likely to be high – Claims involving custom homes, unusual building materials, expensive architectural elements, and valuables require extra care. Not only might there be policy limits that affect the final settlement, some losses could be undervalued or unsuitable substitutions offered. 


  • The claim has been denied in whole or in part – If your insurance company has denied any part of your insurance claim, a public adjuster may be able to reverse the denial by finding additional losses, disputing the reason for the denial, or supplying proper documentation.
  • You lack the time or desire to handle the claim on your own – Filing a large insurance claim involves a tremendous amount of work. Whether you're an out-of-state owner, busy with work, or simply overwhelmed, IntegraClaim can take over on your behalf. While many policyholders can submit paperwork and photos on their own and obtain a satisfactory settlement, professional insurance adjusters are better equipped to handle and maximize insurance claims so that you obtain the best insurance settlement possible.


Is it time to get your own public adjuster involved in your McAllen, Texas insurance claim? If any of these signs are present, you owe it to yourself to schedule a free, no obligation insurance claim review. Contact us today to get started.