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How to Get Insurance Claim Help

Faced with a complicated insurance claim or mounds of related paperwork? Policyholders in McAllen, Texas have several options available as far as getting help goes including: visiting the Texas Department of Insurance website for helpful reports, articles, and guides; calling your insurance company's customer service department; and retaining a public insurance adjuster.

Here's how to get the most effective help possible:

  • TDI.Texas.gov – The Texas Department of Insurance website offers extensive help for consumers. Whether you want to file a complaint or learn about your rights, this website is a valuable resource where you can get some of your questions answered.
    • Start by browsing the Consumers section of the website.
    • Learn about consumers rights in Texas by reading the Consumer Bill of Rights.
    • Look for information specific to your situation.
  • Your Insurance Company – Though there's often an inherent conflict of interest between the insurance company and an insured filing an insurance claim, some minor issues can be resolved by contacting the insurance company's customer service department. For example, if you don't understand a section of a claims form, a representative may be able to clarify what's needed.
    • Keep extensive notes of all communications between you and your insurance company.
    • Ask for the customer service representative's full name or employee ID number.
    • Ask for the customer service representative's phone extension so you can follow up with the same representative without navigating a phone tree or waiting in a time-consuming queue.
    • Don't hesitate to ask to speak with a supervisor who may have more leeway to make decisions when needed.
  • A Public Insurance Adjuster – Public insurance adjusters are licensed claims adjusters who specifically serve the public. Instead of working for insurance companies, they work for policyholders like you. As such, their advice and recommendations are aligned with your needs, not the insurance company's need to make a profit or minimize insurance payouts.
    • Check the public insurance adjuster's licensing status by looking it up at the Texas Department of Insurance's website.
    • Ask for references from previous clients that had insurance claims similar to yours.
    • Request a free consultation to find out if the public adjuster is a good match who also has solid suggestions for improving your insurance claim.

Here at IntegraClaim, we're on your side. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your McAllen, Texas insurance claim and show you how we can help. Contact us today to schedule a free, onsite consultation.